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The non-profit association Digitale Brücke / Digital Bridges e.V.

The association Digitale Brücke / Digital Bridges e.V. is actively working on integrating the developing countries in the global information society and promotes the use of information- and communication technologies as instrument to improve development cooperation. Our efforts are directed to:

  • Introduce the problem of the Digital Divide in the public discussion.
  • Organising the dialogue between the different sectors and groups.
  • Initiating and implementing specific activities to bridge the Digital Divide.
  • Mobilisation of support from the civil society, political and private sector as well as the media.

In bringing together political and economic decision-makers, development organisations and experts in a common network, the initiative Digitale Brücke / Digital Bridges e.V. forms a structure, in which all thematically relevant stakeholders are represented.

The non-profit association Digitale Brücke e.V. was founded in June 2002 in Stuttgart with the intention to bridge the present international Digital Divide. We strive at introducing and promoting this topic in the public in Germany, connecting the stakeholders who are committed in the same context as well as implementing projects in the respective countries. In 2003 Digitale Brücke e.V. merged with Digital Bridges e.V. in order to concentrate synergies mainly in projects. In 2009 the headquarters of the association was moved to Freiburg.

Currently about 10 active members collaborate honorarily in Germany and abroad. Most of our members work in the context of IT and / or development cooperation in economy, consultancy and science.

Articles of association Digitale Brücke / Digital Bridges e.V. (PDF in German)