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Tadlo-1 is a development cooperation project which was conceived in a cooperation with the Tadlo Computer Education Centre (TCEC). The TCEC is an initiative of committed residents of Ban Sane Vang in Southern Laos which strive to improve the educational opportunities and job perspectives of the youth in the rural region.
The central aspect of the Project is the operation of the Tadlo Computer Education Centre (TCEC). In the vicinity of the project location, which is marked by a high ethnic diversity, only an insufficient educational infrastructure can be found. The TCEC meets the local demand for further education and offers free computer training and English lessons to the community.

Our students gain and improve their English skills at the TCEC. Through the computer training, the students gain new competences in the area of communication, media and digital data processing which are important factors for social mobility and the egression from the predominant subsistence agriculture. With the gained appropriate computer skills, the students can further on use computers for learning independently and in a self-paced manner. Educational software and computer courses introduce new methods of learning and can provide knowledge which would otherwise not be accessible to the students. This will thus be a main focus in the future development at the TCEC. Through e-learning modules the children and youth will get the possibility to acquire locally relevant knowledge.

Detailed information about the activities at the TCEC can be found on the website of the Project.

If you would like to support the project financially, you are very welcome to donate for our current activities at at Betterplace